Our goal is to help hospitals identify vulnerabilities and recommend solutions to improve the personal security of Nurse Practitioners, medical staff, patients, and visitors and and protect high-value assets. 

Click to Visit NC-ENA website SAI presented: Your Job or Your Life: Staying Safe with the Agitated or Violent Patient at the North Carolina chapter of the Emergency Nurses Associatoin on December 1, 2005.   The presentation was part of NC-ENA's 2-day educational conference entitled "Walking the Tightrope: Critical Skills for the Emergency Department Nurse."   The conference featured a variety of speakers on topics of skills that emergency nurses have to perform quickly, but accuratly. All conference handout materials plus the PowerPoint presentations can be viewed or downloaded from this page.

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Your Job Your Life: Staying Safe
with the Agitated or Violent Patient

PowerPoint Presentation
Your Job Your Life As an Emergency Medicine Professional you have
the right to work in a secure and safe environment.
23 slides plus additional documents.
Your Job Your Life: Staying Safe
with the Agitated or Violent Patient

Adobe .pdf Version
Your Job Your Life Adobe Acrobat version of the presentation
.pdf format (Requires Adobe Reader)
Emergency Department Area Duties
Sample Policies & Procedures
ED Area Duties Sample policies and procedures for:
Staffing; Patrol Duties; Risk Assessments;
Patient Restraint; Access Control; Metal Detection;
CCTV & Alert Systems and more.
Word Document - 5 pgs
NIOSH Publication
Occupational Hazards In Hospitals
Adobe .pdf Version
Occupational Hazards in Hospitals Guide to recognizing and preventing violence
in the healthcare setting.   Published by
National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health
CDC / NIOSH Web Site
.pdf format - 10 pgs
Emergency Department Assessment ED Assessment ED Self-Assessment Questionaire
Word Document - 3 pgs
Curbing ED Violence Curbing ED Violence Document covers: Patient risk factors;
Violence prevention strategies;
Patient Interviewing techniques;
Management of the violent patient, and more
Word Document - 8 pgs
Violence Epidemic Article Violence Epidemic This article by Jeff Aldridge first appeared in
the 1996 issue of Access Control Magazine,
yet it reads as if it were written yesterday.
Word Document - 2 pgs
Are Hospitals Our Weakest Link? Weakest Link Article August, 2004 featured cover story in
Access Control Magazine.  It reports the
state of US hospitals' readiness
for terrorism in a post 9/11 world.
.pdf format (Requires Adobe Reader)